Case Studies


Case Study: Low Production Yields

This customer suffered from only 40% yield on the first battery of quality tests. Rework of very expensive technologies were hampering their ability to produce. We helped them get to 100% yield and double their production capacity in the process. They got an award from the Army.

Company   Aerojet, Defense Contractor
Product   SADARM (Sense and Destroy ARMor)
Location   Los Angeles, CA
Situation   Product assembled from 3 main subassemblies where characteristics interact. A few "tunable parameters" can be made at time of assembly, but had to be determined before assembly.  Product first test pass rate was only 40% due to highly complex product, resulting in a staggering 60% product rework.
Objective   Increase first test pass rate and reduce rework.  Rework limiting ability to meet demand.
Method   Searched for optimal combination of subassemblies such that all assemblies produced would maximize conformance to eventually 57 product specifications.  Determined values for tunable parameters based on resulting proposed assembly.  Upon each optimization run for given bins of subassemblies, a production assembly recommendations report was created listing matched subassemblies and tuning parameters to use.
Result   Increased first test pass rate to 100%, rework approached zero.  Capacity and ability to meet demand increased significantly
Reference Available?   Yes