Case Studies


Case Study: Increasing Production Yields

This customer desired to increase production from declining wells in the South China Sea, just off the Northern shore of Borneo..

Company   Sarawak Shell (Shell Malaysia, a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell)
Product   Crude Oil
Location   South China Sea... North Shore of Borneo
Situation   All oil produced can be sold.  Oil prices are at ~US$50 per barrel.  Oil wells' production is controlled through lift gas injection.  Over or under-injecting yields decreased production.  Must "ride" the peak of the production curve in real-time based on specific dynamics by well.  5 wells need simultaneous optimization.  Set of wells are already the showcase of "SmartWell" technology in Shell (highly optimized, closely attended to)
Objective   Maximize production on already heavily optimized gas lifted wells.
Method   Online direct optimizer (Live Optimizer) put on-line to test wells while optimizing.  Resulting data was used to model well behaviors as they respond to changes in lift gas injection rates.  Developed model-based optimization scheme.  Implemented closed-loop process optimizers to determine optimal injection rate within constraints in real-time.
Result   Increased production by 10%, 80% of which is attributed directly to BioComp software and services. Total production gains opportunity exceeds US $4,000,000 per year.
Reference Available?   Yes.  Paper written and presented by the customer at the Offshore Technology Conference in 2004.  Available on request.