Detect Abnormal Conditions


Be Aware
Do you know when your processes are upset? How often do they behave unusually? If you think they are just humming along at "steady state", you might be surprised. Due to a myriad of reasons, your process might be a LOT more upset than you think. For example, we applied Anomaly to monitor an oil and gas platform and found that frequently, more than once a day, there were serious upsets. From automated "compressor trips" to operators turning hand valves, the persons managing the assets were unaware... until Anomaly. We then applied Anomaly to a distillation operation... things were worse. Whether it be significant feed fluctuations, temperature control loop instabilities, pressure fluctuations or simply out of specification quality, the process frequently had difficulties. Buy



Keep An Eye On What's Important

Anomaly monitors your key performance indicators and other critical variables “live” and on-line, alerting you to unusual conditions encountered. Using a blend of statistics, expert rules and multivariate cluster modeling, Anomaly keeps a key eye on your operations, detects when systems start to go out of envelope and raises alerts to take action. Monitor most anything that provides data:


Critical Large Capital Equipment

Oil Platform Operations

Oil Well Surveillance

Distillation Column Operations

Large Scale Pumps and Compressors

Aircraft / UAV's / Heliocopters


Avoid Equipment Damage

In a vast majority of equipment failures there is increasingly abnormal behavior prior to breakdown.  Detect and respond before you have a large repair bill.


Implement Condition-Base Maintenance

Most preventative maintenance does things on a schedule. Here you can determine if the equipment has experienced abnormal conditions that warrant maintenance. Do it before it breaks and don't do it just because the clock says so.


Anomaly is self-learning.  Deploying it can be as easy as pointing to the variables you want monitored and pressing the "GO" button.  Alternatively, you can pre-expose Anomaly to a history of machine operations and apply your own rules for "Good", "Bad" and "Outlier" operating conditions.


Put It On-Line, in Real-Time

The anomaly detection system you build with Anomaly can be put on-line with Intellect to perform real-time monitoring, detection and alerting. Your investment in Anomaly is a foundation in future real-time monitoring.


Properly Suited Technologies

Anomaly uses a blend of statistics, expert rules and multivariate clustering to understand what is "Normal", "Good", "Bad" and "Outlier" conditions.


Statistics are used to understand how variables are historically distributed and alerts you to infrequent values or N-sigma deviances.


Expert Rules are integrated so you may personally define what is "Good", "Bad" and "Outlier" conditions.


Multivariate Clustering detects when your system is distorted based on all variable values simultaneously.  There are cases where all variables may be "normal" but your process is stretched out of envelope considering inter-variable relations.

Additionally, the user can classify alerts as Good or Bad based on a single and a multivariate perspective.


Since Anomaly uses iManageData templates, you can monitor moving averages, rates of changes, logs, ratios, products, sums and a broad range of derived variables too.


For your convenience, NO programming is required.





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  • Key Features
    Access data in files, xls, PI
  • Links to OSIsoft's PI and to DCS's via OPC
  • Runs on Windows 2000 / XP
  • Pre-Process Data to Create New Variables
  • Filter Data to Remove Invalid Values
  • Visualize Your Data
  • Trend Plots
  • Histograms
  • Time-Based Correlation Plots
  • Scatter Plots
  • Find and See Cause and Effect Relations
  • Award-Winning Modeling Technology

What are Virtual Sensors?
A Virtual Sensor estimates product properties or process conditions using mathematical models rather than and sometimes in conjunction with physical sensors. These mathematical models use other physical sensor readings to calculate the estimated property or condition. Our IntelliDynamics site has more...

Integrates with Intellect 2.0 and 3.0
Anomaly is one of a suite of products that integrate with Intellect, our on-line server technologies for delivering real-time estimates, optimization, anomaly detection and much more.


    • Technical Requirements
    • Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP
    • 2 GB RAM Recommended
    • Multi-Core or Multi-CPU Recommended
    • 20 MB Disk Space for Installed
    • Interfaces to Historians / DCS as Required
    • REQUIRES iManageData

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