Produce More Oil, Manage Your Assets


The Limits of Manual Well Optimization
In lift gas injected oil fields, wells are most often manually optimized. From time to time a series of well tests are performed and "Lift Curves" are calculated, relating gas injection rate to production rate. Gas is allocated to each well using lift curve "equal rate" methods (at best) and the well is left alone, sometimes for months, sometimes longer. "Optimizing" in this way leaves out the well dynamics and presumes steady-state. It leaves out surface and sub-surface interactions, where turning up injection on one well can actually drive down production on another. Unknowingly, gas can easily be misallocated all the while thinking it is perfect.


Real-Time Optimization

Our iGLO system optimizes wells, jackets and entire fields in real-time and can take into account not only each well's dynamics but the interactions between wells too. You can optimize on a well-by-well basis, or better yet, a group of wells to accomodate for the interactions.  iGLO is linked to your Distributed Control System (DCS) and popular data historians where it gets current operating conditions, calculates injection rate setpoints within hard limits, which in turn are applied to 10's or 100's of wells automatically in real-time..


Real-Time Optimization Benefits

There are many benefits to real-time optimization...


Increased Production

On a field basis, using closed-loop real-time optimization has been shown in actual operation to yield up to 20% higher production (SF-30 DPA). The typical gains are around 5-7%, so we use 5% for project justifications.


More Consistent Production

Controlling production increases the production consistency because production is held to high or at a specified level (without this guidance, some well's production wanders about like a lost sheep).


Decreased Decline
On aging assets, we often see the deline in production subside.


Awaken Sleeping Wells
Some small producers are small because people think they are small producer and over-look them. In one case we saw a 500% increase in production and the asset manager was pleasantly surprised that a low producer could make good rates.


Virtual Production Metering
Multi-phase meters are expensive and take up power and space. iGLO can estimate your oil, water and gas production, for each well, jacket or platform level on-line in real-time. Very useful!


Asset Surveillance

One option is to monitor your assets in real-time for abnormal behavior. Know whether they are acting "odd" (it happens more often than you might think!)

Don't Just Optimize, Manage Your Production

You don't have to maximize production, but manage it. That is, iGLO can receive a production setpoint and it will determine how much gas to allocate to what wells in order to achieve a future-looking estimate of production. iGLO can also work with multiple objectives, such as minimizing water cut or targeting Gas/Oil Ratio (GOR).




Watch. Learn. Understand.

Watch a video by our Chief Technical Officer on enhancing oil production with iGLO.


  • Key Features
    Manage Your Production
  • Links to All Major DCS's via OPC
  • "Talks" to OSIsoft PI, GE/FANUC Historians
  • Runs on Windows 2000 / XP
  • No Limit to The Number of Wells
  • Can Optimize Multiple Objectives
  • Can Use 2 Different Optimization Strategies
  • Payback in Weeks
  • Award-Winning Modeling Technology

  • Proven Successful
    This system has been proven by Shell to be successful in the South China Sea.

A Whole New Way to Produce More
iGLO just begins to tap the full capabilities of our Intellect 2.0 and 3.0 "Process Intelligence" server technologies. Intellect is the server technology that drives iGLO and is used in many industrial applications from food processing to steel manufacturing and aerospace to military applications.

    • Technical Requirements
    • Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP
    • 2 GB RAM Recommended
    • Multi-Core or Multi-CPU Recommended
    • 20 MB Disk Space for Installed
    • Interfaces to Historians / DCS as Required
    • Displays in Your Preferred Systems